We have High-Tech machinery and exprience works

Paperpark, brand of customized merchandise, exclusively for corporates brand identity. Corporate Dress, Business Dress, Promotional Apparel and Uniforms

Latest Machinery For Leaving Impactful Stitching And Fashion Coding:
We have invested heavily in joining the global fashion industry with their precise manufacturing practices and with our sophistication in production, huge amount of apparel order are being designed and manufactured within the stipulated timeframes. Semi automated machines and robotics enable swiftness of fashion craft and ensure premium range of clothing to be put up in the handiest of manner possible, but with minimal defect. We call upon all of the fashion lovers and youngsters and corporate to play their bets on our expertise to showcase seasoned designs and to shine among the society and targeted customer base to ensure quick branding and eventual conversion. To accommodate heavy machinery, Amistar has been on expansion mode and today our manufacturing facility stands at 3k square feet, divided into sections for each of apparel unit and which is put under the independent charge of an acclaimed fashion guru.

Catering to domestic and global needs, it is indeed an honour and encouragement to us that we deliver around 500 pieces per day which emboldens our towering dexterity in fashion understanding. Even our workforce is highly skilled as we rope in only fashion graduates who can put a check on popular nerves and can advise accordingly. Our forward looking vision has fuelled our passion to cover this much of distance in such field while major targets are yet to achieve.

Quality Manufacturing:

We have invested hugely in procuring world class manufacturing machinery and widely skilled workforce is being roped in to produce premium quality clothing of various types, such as Business, Corporate, Promotion and uniform dress which are at par with global standards. A wide variety of fabric is sought and is closely examined for selection and each shade is being manipulated to leave a long lasting impact.

Contract Manufacturing: We are carrying out contract manufacturing for a long time now and we feel pride to declare that most of the renowned companies have placed their trust in our ability and technique and we fully comply with their brand standards as well. We successfuly completed 550+ clients order with quality and timely service and we feel more pride to get WOW feedback from client. It is our strenght to do more and more work and try to update our service.
Bulk Suppliers At Nominal Price: For businesses, price is the key to make profits and at Pepper Kart, we fully realize this. Hence we invite bulk suppliers and retailers to try our price and then to formulate their huge profit making from thereon. We fully guarantee far attractive price than what they may be paying at other places and the supreme quality of our products would fuel their businesses with speed and they can experience hassle free sales and quick profits by this way.
Premium Fabrics: We have subsumed powerful bonds with leading fabric manufacturers of the world and on their top quality merchandize, we set the trends of fashion moving with delicate hilt. Inter-weave of every fabric is being examined and every design and shade integrity is also being emphasized while devouring premium range of branded fabrics, since the astuteness of cloth define the personalities when they put the finished apparels on them. Futuristic approach is being adhered to while fabrics are selected and quality tested and when the final products are being designed and stitched in high tech machines. Even in ongoing global recession, our trade and brand building fashion etiquettes do find their admirers and we thank them for their relentless interest in fashion and in upholding latest trends, which is the benchmark of humanity. 

Timely Support

We are capable to delivery product as per client requirement because 100% dedicated to serve best to our each client, We always ready for you.

Innovative Ideas

Our team provides you creative design with comfart styling and they make sure product should be as per design and specification for each clients.

Advanced Technology

We setup high technology machineries and equipments, Our empolyees high educated and well awear with advanced technology. 

Clear Communication

Our management team handle each job with 100% clear communication. here our process Client specification> Sampling> QC > Packing > Delivery time. 
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